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Permanent Makeup

Save time every day with makeup that’s always on! You’ll look great all the time.

Permanent makeup, also known as micro-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, Pmu or Spmu, is a cosmetic procedure to create long-Iasting eyebrow, eyeliner, or lip liner / blush definition.

Advanced Skin Treatments

We use the latest, completely safe skin treatments and are fully qualified, licenced and insured too.

I offer a range in Cosmetic Tattooing, Eyebrows, Eyeliners and Lip Liner / Blush as well as Skin Aesthetics, and much more…

Eyeliner Tattooing

This is an ideal treatment to frame and enhances the appearance of your eyes. Can make lashes appear darker fuller and thicker. Adds expression and intensifies eye colour. Eyeliner can be used to balance the symmetry of a person’s eyes and affect how the spacing of the eyes are perceived.


As the skin ages it might not be getting the nutrients it needs to stay youthful and healthy.


Each injection delivers a high dose of Hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins into the skin.

These ingredients give the skin the tools it needs to rejuvenate itself.


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A consultation is essential beforehand to discuss the look you would like to achieve from your permanent makeup­ – colour, position and shape and to allow me to assess the area to be tattooed and to check for contraindications.
A patch test will be done to make sure you are not allergic to pigments / anaesthetics.
I can advise you on different styles and colours most suited to you while referring to my portfolio to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Patch test

With patch tests, no news is good news! If your skin shows no reactions you are good to go.
However if your skin shows any allergic reaction, the test is negative and is not safe to get permanent makeup.
The signs of a negative patch test may include – redness, inflammation or more than normal swelling, sore or painful blisters or lumps and bumps. In this case, contact me and I will advise on the appropriate action to take.

On the day

A topical anaesthetic cream will be applied to numb the area to be worked on.
I will pre-draw a bespoke design for you. My preferred method of implantation is by using a digital machine and sterile single-use needles. By gently inserting (painlessly) the needle under the upper layers of the skin to deposit the pigment.
You will require 2 treatments 4-6 weeks apart to achieve the finished permanent result.


A balm will be applied to the treated area. I will discuss what to expect and give you the appropriate aftercare. The area may feel a little dry or itchy as it heals. Initially, the colour may appear intense. It takes around 4 weeks for the colour to fade (by approx 40%) to its permanent shade.
Before leaving the clinic you will be no more red than an eyebrow wax.
You will receive an aftercare advice leaflet and balm to take home with you and a top-up appointment will be made for the final treatment.

About Me

Allison has worked in the Beauty Industry for over 25 years and has gained experience and a wealth of knowledge as a Makeup Artist and Stylist for an International Photographic company, Beauty Therapy College Lecturer, and Salon owner. With her artistic flair she found her passion and love in the area of Permanent Makeup /cosmetic tattooing.  Allison opened Clinic Ink in 2020 and offers all aspects of Permanent Makeup procedures and Skin Aesthetics. 

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Fabulous combination facial off Allison, it was amazing. You make every visit for a treatment a lovely relaxing pleasurable experience. My skin feels fab. Thank you


Great advice given at consultation. very pleased with the results. would definitely recommend. such an nice welcoming person. Put me totally at ease.


Thank you so much Allison. I absolutely love my new brows. They are amazing and I can’t stop looking at them. Xxx


Would very highly recommend Allison for brows, very professional, explained each process to me and at the end I have the fabulous brows I’ve always wanted. 10/10.


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